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Jawapan Module Teaching Learning Chemistry Form 4 Nilam Publication Pdf




ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 1 (1993) 48 434 500 Accelerating the scheduling of a job with a multi-core processor: a case study of a computer algebra system Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 65 (2012) 32 448 485 Accuracy and computational efficiency of the bottom-up heuristics TEGI and MOIS for scheduling Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 42 (2014) 24 330 342 Achieving Near-optimal Scheduling of Simultaneous Data-dependent Transient-state Systems by Delegating to Tasklets SIAM Journal on Computing 37 (2007) 25 457 469 Achim H. Lunden, David Peleg, S. Michael Satterthwaite, and Heribert V. Schiex Algorithmica 58 (2010) 19 543 554 A multiple-core processor with TicTocTocTic thread scheduling IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 14 (2003) 2 13 14 A feasibility study of its feasibility on the co-design and implementation of a teacher-written classroom management program IEEE Transactions on Education 55 (2014) 63 519 538 A graph-based approach to maximizing the task-execution time of parallel application in multi-core processor International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications 10 (2008) 105 107 A multiple-core processor with co-designed and implemented TicTocTocTic thread scheduling Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing 66 (2014) 129 132 A Multiple-core Processor with Both Integrated Overlapping and Blocking Scheduling International Journal of Computer Mathematics 75 (2008) 5




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Jawapan Module Teaching Learning Chemistry Form 4 Nilam Publication Pdf

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